The Importance Of Massage & Life Long Maintenance

I am still amaze at healing two little hands can do after being a therapist for over ten years. A year ago around this time this wonderful lady found a special coupon I had at a physical therapist and called for a massage because her back was hurting and wanted to dance with her husband for her anniversary on Valentines. She was very happy with the result, but for a year every time I call her she will stated I’ll call when I need you my back is good. Last month her back issue kick in again, refuse to go see a doctor as her friends suggested, but stated Marie had help me once I am going to see her again. The first massage we had some progress, but she was smart to incorporate Chiropractor and Acupuncture, at the second one she was thrill and now book her app regularly. You see folks she came to realize on her own that massage is a life maintenance even though I tried to explain that to her for a full year.

Daily, weekly or monthly maintenance can prevent life long injury, as you take good care of your car so it doesn’t break on you so is your body. Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Pilates or yoga they all play an important role in our daily stressful life, but massage goes deeper in the human anatomy because it does work you can’t even see even if you don’t get a deep ahh at the end of a session.