Give the Gift of Appreciation!

Give the Gift of Appreciation!


Give the Gift of Appreciation!

December is the month of gift giving, but is that all it is really about? Sometimes we lose sight of what the holidays are all about. Family, friends, and appreciation of all that we have been blessed with are some of the things that we should be concerned with as opposed to giving the best gifts. Instead of focusing on who can give and receive the best gifts, let us focus on those that we are supposed to be giving gifts too.

What are some alternative ideas that you and your loved ones can participate in instead of gift exchange?

  • Homemade food swap: Let guests flex their cooking/baking skills by participating in a homemade holiday food swap.
  • Ornament exchange: Have guests bring a homemade or store-bought ornament to swap with another guest to create an affordable and thoughtful holiday tradition.
  • Share an experience: Have guests pitch in to donate money toward a shared experience to make holiday gatherings that much memorable.

It’s important to cherish those around you during the holiday season and remember what the holidays are all about. There are always people who are less fortunate so we must always be appreciative of what we have been blessed with.

During this holiday season, Therapeutic Wellness Now is offering a special gift bag with every massage purchase. The gift bag will include a little bit about our brand, a special holiday recipe, a coupon for your next service, and a sample of a holiday essential oil. Book during the month of December to receive this special gift!