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We are an organic wellness spa and boutique located in the heart of Bonita Springs FL. We offer massages, facials and body scrub, with the best massage therapist and esthetician in town.Therapeutic Wellness Now also carry essential oils, Wakaya products from Fiji Island (ginger and turmeric) and wellness education for the overall health.

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Massage & Facials

Massage and FacialsWe are excited to offer many spa treatments from deep-tissue massages to European facials, the best ginger and turmeric in the wold from Wakaya Island from Fiji.And last of all the best essential therapeutic grade essential oil from Doterra.

Wellness Benefits

Naples Bonita Springs Estero Fort Myers Wellness Spa CenterLet us come to your business and provide a relaxing spa services to your employees.

Meet Our Therapist

Meet Our Naples & Bonita Springs TherapistsOur therapists come from a variety of backgrounds and have extensive massage training in their field.

Bonita Springs Office

Bonita Springs Massage Therapy CenterOur state of the art facility is centrally located in Bonita Springs close to Estero North Naples and has many amenities to offer.

Welcome To Our Spa of Healthy Living….

Therapeutic Wellness Now exist to educate you on how to care for your bodies. We serve people who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle. You can expect professionalism, honesty and care; we go above and beyond for our clients. We are creating a company that will be the “go-to” place in Southwest Florida for wellness therapy, wellness products and wellness education. At Therapeutic Wellness Now you will find health, healing and life. We are passionate, heartfelt and knowledgeable about ways to care for your body. Give us your commitment and we will give you peace of mind! Either with our relaxation or therapeutic massage or any of our other wellness services, you will find therapeutic relief. Our focus is to guide you to continuous healthy living.

While healthy eating, fitness and exercise is widely promoted as healthy living, massage gets very little recognition. Now many people, doctors health practitioners have seeing the therapeutic benefit of massage begin to recommend massage to their patients or to a friend. Why getting a massage or be on a regular massage routine? Massage is not just a treat, it is a way of life of a well maintaining body.

Just like you nourish your body of good nutrients, proper hygiene, sleep and exercise, do not neglect your stress level which is the number two silent killer of all diseases related. Here at Therapeutic Wellness Now you can find solution for all your wellness related with the click of a button.

Love to live, not just live to live!


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Aromatherapy. Essential Oils The word aromatherapy means treatment using scents. It refers to the use of essential oils in holistic healing to improve health and emotional well-being and in restoring balance to the body. Essential oils are aromatic essences extracted from plants, flowers, trees, fruit, bark, grasses and seeds.

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