Your portable sauna for detoxing & loosing weight. All in one!

A new a healthy way to loose weight and detox your body all in one. We offer this service as a package of 6, receive one free trial before signing. Services are $60 per session.


The Steamy Wonder steam cabinet is a revolutionary item that offers a simple solution for whole-body steaming.

Why steam? Steam rooms have been popular for centuries as a way to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, decrease stress levels and help with workout recovery. These types of steam services have become a very popular add-on service, particularly for those that wish to temporarily shed a few pounds and slim down before a big event. Also, the steam cabinet mimics the effects of popular body wraps when it is used properly. In turn, the steam’s effects opens pores and causes the client to sweat , ridding the body of excess water and temporarily slimming the body.