What To Expect When You Have A Body Scrub Or Polish

What To Expect When You Have A Body Scrub Or Polish

Body scrubSomehow, despite the fact that they scrub and wash your whole body, you’ll be almost entirely covered for the whole treatment, as towels are expertly rolled and folded to maintain your dignity.

Before the treatment begins, the therapist may ask you what kind of product you prefer, giving you a choice of smells or asking whether you want to feel relaxed or revitalized by the body scrub. They should also tell you something about the product and procedure so that you know what’s going to happen.

The scrub will usually start with one side of your back, and the product will be swept up and down your body simultaneously – this is really invigorating. The therapist will then work across your body, rubbing, scrubbing and massaging one area at a time, and then rinsing you off with warm soft water and covering you with a towel before moving on to the next part. At the end of the treatment you should be left to have a good shower to get rid of any remains of the product.

The treatment usually takes about 30 minutes.

A body scrub is a great treatment as it makes you look and feel good. After a good body scrub, your skin should feel really soft, smooth and silky; you should feel pampered and energized. It’s a great one-stop treatment as well as fitting in well with others, as part of a spa ritual or spa package.
Hot tip!

A body scrub is one of the treatments that you can recreate something of at home – whilst it won’t be such an indulgent experience, a body scrub is something that you can really enjoy as part of a long luxurious home pamper, and is great for your skin.
Different types of scrub

While there may be variations in how the scrub is given, the main difference between scrubs is usually just the product used.

Salt and oil: finely granulated salt is mixed with an essential, moisturizing oil. The salt might be sea or mineral

Sugar is also used, mixed with oils or creams

Loofah: some body scrubs use cream and a loofah to slough off dead skin cells

Herbal: a therapist may mix a herbal oil with the exfoliating scrub, such as rosemary, lavender or aloe vera, depending on your skin type and whether the scrub is designed to wake you up or relax you

Fruit (edible!): some body scrubs mix crushed seeds with fruit oils, oatmeal and other edible products to nourish and soothe the skin

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